Right Bumper Did The Trick

I switched to one of the center-backs and held the right-bumper and it seemed to work well.  I allowed me to keep my defense organized while having the CPU pressure my opponent.  I won a lot of balls this way in the midfield and even in my opponent’s half.  Granted, the connection was super choppy so that might have contributed to how well my pressure worked againsty opponent.

I’ll try this strategy again against other opponents and see if its truly effective.

Brazil 5-3-2, unstoppable!

I almost never play with Brazil and I definitely never play with 5-3-2!  I have in the past with Club America but not recently.  For some reason, today I decided to play with Brazil and 5-3-2.  Boy, did I have fun!

Truth be told, I was playing unrated 1v1 so the quality of opponents varied from beginner to pro.  Believe it or not, I won every single match!  No ties and definitely no losses.  I must’ve played close to 10 matches.  It had been a while since I had such a good night.  Most recently, I had been losing more than I was winning. Tonight, I was scoring 5, 6 even 7 goals on people!  Brazil in 5-3-2 is fantastic to play with!

Here’s the formation:

GK – Julio Cesar
RB – Dani Alves
RCB – Thiago Silva
CB – David Luiz
LCB – Dante
LB – Marcelo
RCM – Oscar
CM – Ramires
LCM – Paulinho
RS – Hulk
LS – Neymar

Through balls followed by holding RB killed it!  Hulk muscled his way through defenders like a true super hero!  Even Neymar got into the action running by 2 defenders, jumping over 1 and scoring with a shot across the goal from the right to the left.  I also scored a few from corners and even just general crosses.

As defensive as this formation sounds, I still had more counter attacking power than my opponent.  I also had more possession of the ball for the majority of the games and I was attacking the whole time I had the ball.  But every time I attacked, I had the piece of mind that there was always plenty of players in the back to defend my opponents counter attack, crosses, through passes, etc…

All in all, a great night with a great team and a great formation.  I look forward to trying out this formation in the semifinals of the Premier Cup later on today.

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Division 2

It’s a Thursday night.  I started playing around 8pm local time.  It was my first time playing in division 2 in FIFA 14.  I knew it wouldn’t be easy.

Last time I played was last Saturday when the cup was open.  I played with Cruzeiro and got to the finals and lost.  After losing in the finals, I played one more cup match – this time, with Atlético Mineiro.  I hadn’t played since then.

So here we are – first division 2 match.  Since I played so well with Atlético Mineiro during that last match, I decided to start division 2 with them.  My formation was as follows:

GK – Victor
RB – Marcos Rocha
RCB – Fever
LCB – Leonardo Silva
LB – Junior Cesar
RCM – Pierre
LCM – Luan
CAM – Ronaldinho
RW – Diego Tardelli
LW – Fernandinho
ST – Neto Berola

Game 1
Atlético Mineiro v.s. Olympique Lyonnais

I lost.  However, I noticed that in the 2nd half which I started immediately using Ultra Attack, I had a very good chance of winning.  But, it wasn’t enough to play Ultra Attack in just the second half and I fell short.

Game 2
Atlético Mineiro v.s. Atlético Mineiro

This game, I used Ultra Attack from the very beginning, maintained Ultra Attack and it paid off!  I won the match by at least 2 goals.  In the second half I made the following substitutions:

Ronaldinho -> Rosinei
Junior Cesar -> Rycharlyson
Neto Berola -> Jô

Game 3
Atlético Mineiro v.s. Wales

Again, I started the match using Ultra Attack.  This was, by far, my toughest opponent of the night because, not only did he play well, he was really good with skill moves too.  It was very hard to defend against him.

Even so, I was able to score one goal by thru-pass and another by corner kick and won the match.  I made the same substitutions as the previous match.

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CSKA Moscow vs Atlético Mineiro

I played my buddy today, zeke, for the first time in a long long time.  I played with CSKA Moscow and he played with Atlético Mineiro.  I believe he played with the same formation every match (we played four matches), 4-3-3 False 9.

I started off playing with a variation of 4-1-3-2 that I made a few days ago – the defenders are farther back and the three midfielders are attacking midfielders.  I thought this formation would help me put pressure on him in his half of the field, but it didnt.  Instead, what it did was it allowed him to play counter attack and I never had enough players in the back to defend.

Our first match was 2×0, I think, for him but it could’ve gone either way.  My team just didn’t want to play it felt.

The second game was a tie – I played with the same formation.

For the last two games, I followed my father-in-law’s advice and changed my formation to have more midfielders.  I changed my formation to 4-2-3-1.

The defense was standard.

The two CDMs, one was a true CDM but the other was a LM, Gonzalez, I think – the guy whose Sprint is 90.

The 3 attacking midfielders were Elm at CAM and one guy on each side.

The single striker was Doumbia.

For the last two matches that we played I used this formation and I dominated both matches during the first half.  The first one in particular, I had 61% possession of the ball at half time!  And even though I was leading 3×1 at half time, I had this strange feeling that he would tie the game and probably win.

He came close!  At kickoff, he attacked and I defended.  He took a shot, my goalie saved it, but, to my surprise (and not surprise at the same time), my defender tapped the ball in.  3×2.

He continued attacking and I continued defending.  My team was completely different.  They couldn’t make a pass.  They couldn’t receive a pass.  Shots I had taken in the first half now came out really weak, almost like a pass to his goalie.

By some miracle I was able to score which is what saved me because he scored again and almost again in the 90th.  I won 4×3.

Our last game was very similar.  We both played with the same formations as our previous match.  Again, I dominated the first half and went into half time 2×0.  Second half starts, he attacks to the right and waits for his player to make the run then launches the ball with LB+Y and BOOM!  He scores!

I think to myself, “here we go again”!  “What am I doing wrong” I thought.  Again, my team didnt want to play anymore in the second half.  Somehow, I scored too more goals and won the match.

The main thing that I did differently in the last two matches was change my formation and I just played more calmly.  I stopped sprinting when I had the ball.  I held the ball in my half and waited for spaces.  He definitely opened up some spaces but at the same time I was way more patient.  I used A to pass and Y as well and I stopped just launching the ball using LB+Y.  This strategy worked out a lot better.

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AS Monaco vs Inter

My formation: 4-2-3-1

GK – S. Romero
RB – Fabinho
RCB – Ricardo Carvalho
LCB – E. Abidal
LB – L. Kurzawa
RDM – J. Toulalan
LDM – G. Kondogbia
RAM – J. Rodríguez
CAM – João Moutinho
LAM – N. Dirar
ST – Falcao

Mentality: High Pressure

Overview: I played high pressure from the very beginning.  All of the mid-fielders and even Falcao helped pressure the ball which won me many possessions in the mid-field which converted into goals.

PSG vs Arsenal

What I’ve started to notice is that my opponents have a very easy time with build up play but I have a very hard time with build up play.  Most of my opponents, as they attack deric players just seem to follow along one after the other.  When I attack, my players don’t seem to behave the same way.  It seems like my players don’t follow the flow of the attack as much.

Maybe it’s just the opponents I’m playing are that good at defending and then at build up play at the same time.

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RB is your friend

I played this guy today.  The game was 0x0 till the 90th when he scored with Gautz, Borussia Dortmund.

I asked him if he noticed how I have such a hard time defending the ball, especially inside my box.  And I asked him for some suggestions.  He said, “FIFA 12 and 13 are all about tactical defending, using RB to contain with a CPU player and covering the space with a human-controlled player.”.  As a follow-up I asked him if he basically holds RB the whole time.  He didn’t respond.  In any case, I proceeded to try playing holding RB the whole time.

I played 5 or 6 matches this way.  I won 3 or 4.  The last one, I played some kid called AdryanCristian.  His connection was terrible!!  So in terms of considering whether or not RB is a good strategy, I have to rule out this match.

The other matches were pretty good.  The first few, I played with a team from Belgium.  Then I started playing with Spurs.

I played all of these matches, basically, holding RB and I ended up with more possession of the ball and I was stealing the ball in the midfield far from my box which is exactly what I haven’t been able to do ever.  So this was good!

The strategy is simple: hold RB to call a CPU player to contain, with another player, sprint on/off to the passing lanes or to open space where the ball handler may try to escape to.  Holding RB makes my team go for steals too.

I will use RB again.

Also, I was playing with Barcelona’s formation and with their tactic.

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Brasil vs Brasil

This was an interesting match.  It seemed the whole time that he had the advantage especially after the goal he scored with Neymar from outside the box.  Completely saveable.  Lots of things were going his way and not my way.  I had kind of giving up and assumed he was going to win.  But I still kept playing, I didn’t rage quit.

My opponent was playing 4-1-2-1-2.  Thiago Silva and Dante as CBs and David Luiz as CDM.  His LM was Neymar and RM, Lucas.  Up front he had Oscar as CAM, Hernanes as Left Striker and Hulk as Right Striker.  Second half he replaced Hernanes with Fred.

I was playing Possession again.

He came out ahead but committed a foul inside the box – penalty!  I scored with Neymar.

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