Brasil vs Spain

I had to turn the volume down to zero for this match.  I think I was playing away.  It was really REALLY annoying to hear his crowd screaming “Espana!”  After I set the volume to zero, I think I play better.  He came out ahead, 2×0.  I insisted playing even though I felt like quitting.  During one of my attacks, he committed a foul inside the box with Jordi Alba which gave me a penalty and the referee gave Jorbi Alba a red card!  I scored from the penalty with Neymar Jr.  After that, I scored again with David Luiz or Dani Alves by just standing in front of the goalie when he tried a goal kick after his goalie saved a corner I took.  2×2.  My last goal came around the 80th minute.  After my last goal I just started passing the ball in my own field just to keep it away from my opponent.  He stopped playing.  I hit pause and he rage quit.

After the match I messaged him “haha” to which he replied “???????” and kept replying with question marks.


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